Meet Paula Andreason Lohrman

“In 1997 I had found my first lump left breast. I WAS 27!!! MY Mom had died of breast cancer in Woburn at the age of 36, so I knew this was crucial to be checked. Immediately found cancer, aggressive, and had a lumpectomy, radiation chemo, ending in summer 1998. Being a single woman with a mortgage, I worked full time the entire treatments and missed only days of my chemo visits from the dental office I run.

In 2001, 31 years old, I found a lump in my right breast , this time concerned of recurrence, luckily, yet unfortunately found I had a different cancer separate from my first event. From there I had a double mastectomy, reconstruction with tram flap and back to work paying my mortgage once again as a single woman in amazingly 5 ½ weeks… I did have chemo once again, then several other surgeries later for my tram flap fixings… since I have found I have the breast cancer gene and had my ovaries removed. Having not been married, not had children, this was unfair, yet the right choice for my life!!! I am since living back in Woburn, still single with the support of my family and wonderful friends. I do raise money every year with my annual Halloween party I have done in Woburn now for 9 years, I send my donations to the breast cancer research foundation every year. I am so very happy and healthy now still working my same job, which I love and have a wonderful boyfriend in my life!”

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