Meet Cyndi Fontes

My name is Joe Fontes. My amazing Wife Cyndi lost her battle with Breast Cancer in October, 2021. She fought with amazing strength and grace, it was humbling to say the least! She was a friend to many. The world is a much dimmer place without her in it. I wanted to honor her memory by donating some goodie bags and a few things I know she would have included. She was an amazing baker. It was something she was passionate about. She has done some baking for the TaTas in the past. I know my baking is non comparable but I hope I did her proud haha.

I just want to say to all of you amazing ladies fighting this disease, keep on keeping on! Cyndi woke up everyday with a positive attitude and a will to win the day!

Being her caretaker for 18 months I know it’s not easy, boy do I know! Just remember you might have Cancer but Cancer doesn’t have you! I wish you all the very best in your journeys! Like Cyndi’s favorite quote said…we can’t control the Winds BUT we can adjust our Sails.

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